Day to day life can take a toll on our finances. At Wonga, we understand that financial troubles are inevitable at some point in our lives. Getting the financial help you require can be challenging, especially from traditional lenders. Most well known for their short-term loans, Wonga is a British payday loan company that offers short-term, high-cost credit loans to customers who are struggling financially. Call Wonga customer service on 0844 8585062 for more information.


A payday loan provides customers with a short-term loan at short notice for a short period of time. It acts as a quick financial solution to tide customers over until their payday when they will make the repayment. Wonga not only provides payday loans, but also other types of loans to suit customer’s financial needs.


Wonga offers three types of loans to help customers. These loans are provided as a short-term financial relief.

6-month Flexi Loan
The 6-month flexi loan allows customers to borrow between £200 and £600 with a daily interest of 0.8%. Customers can choose how much cash they need and when they want to start making their repayments.

Short-term Loan
Customers can borrow cash from £50 up to £400 with the Wonga Short-term Loan. With 0.8% interest, customers can borrow cash for up to 35 days within just 5 minutes of approval.

3-month Flexi Loan
Spreading the cost of a loan over monthly installments can make life easier for customers. At Wonga, the 3-month Flexi Loan allows customers to spread the costs of their Wonga loan over a three-month period, making their loan much more manageable.

Other Types of Loans Available:

·       Bad credit loans

·       No credit check loans

·       Quick loans

·       £100 loans

·       £500 loans

·       Easy and Quick Loans

For any questions regarding the loans available at Wonga or any requirements for additional information, customers can contact the customer service team who will help as much as possible. Additionally, if you are not sure you are eligible for a Wonga loan or what Wonga Loan is best for you, the customer services at Wonga will be able to advise you. Customers can get in touch by calling the customer service number on 0844 8585062, or by emailing the customer care team.

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