As one of the world’s largest telecommunication providers, Vodafone provides a wide range of services to its customers, including mobile and fixed networks. With over 470 million mobile customers, 14 million fixed broadband customers and 9.8 million TV customers, Vodafone truly care about their customers and provide excellent customer services. You can call customer services on 08448 113 410

Getting started and upgrades

Thinking of becoming a Vodafone customer? You can contact Vodafone’s customer services where you can receive advice as to which mobile or broadband packages would be most suitable for you. Already a Vodafone customer but fancy yourself an upgrade? The customer services team can look into what upgrade options are available and can find the best deals just for you.

Managing your account

We may not always remember to do this, but regularly updating your personal details is important. Luckily, at Vodafone, you can do this easily just by speaking to one of the customer services advisors. Whether you need to change your email address, username or home address, you can do it easily and quickly via customer services.

Additionally, we all know how easy it is to go over your data allowance. However, at Vodafone, you can keep tabs of your data allowance by contacting customer services. If your credit or data runs out, you can top it up easily by speaking to the customer services team. Alternatively, if you feel like you are using too much data and you want to manage or restrict it, Vodafone can help you to reduce your data usage. To find out more, contact customer services.

Using Vodafone abroad

If you are off on your travels, you should get in contact with Vodafone customer services to find out your data allowances and costs of using your phone abroad. If you are a pay monthly customer, you can often use your UK allowances in Vodafone’s roam-free destinations at no extra cost. To find out where these roam-free destinations are, you can call the customer services team.

Other Products and Services

Vodafone offers a variety of other product and services including the following:

·       Entertainment Packages

·       Vodafone Voice Assistant

·       Vodafone Cloud Services

·       Vodafone Red+

·       Sure Signal

·       And other business products and services

To find out more about each of these services, contact Vodafone’s customer services who will be able to give you more in-depth information about each service, including discounts and deals. For any other general queries or issues, contact Vodafone’s customer services who are more than willing to help.

Alternatively, if you would like to contact any other telecom company, please feel free to search the Find A Number online telecoms directory.