Virgin Money is different from other banks. They like to tell you things upfront to ensure you experience no surprises. Virgin strive to treat their customers as people rather than as numbers. They like to help manage customers finances so that they can save money and live life to the fullest.

The Virgin lounges are designed for relaxation allowing customers to enjoy complimentary sofas and free Wi-Fi on the comfortable sofas. You can contact Virgin Money via their customer service number on 0844 556 9437.


Virgin have a range of savings accounts to help you get the most out of your money. With cover from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, your savings are protected up to £85,000 per person.

Cash ISA

Cash ISA’s allow for anyone UK resident over the age of 16 to save up to £20,000 of tax-free cash a year. These are a great way to make more of your money because you don’t pay a penny of tax on the interest you earn. What’s more Virgin Money ISA’s generally accept transfers from all other banks.

Easy Access Savings

Easy access savings are the easiest way to save. You have the flexibility to add to your savings whenever you need to with interest paid monthly or annually. By contacting a Virgin Money Customer Service Advisor, you can discuss easy access savings options.

Fixed Rate Savings

Fixed rate savings are perfect for your long-term saving goals. These can be fixed for a number of years. The longer you can save your money away for the greater the interest rate will be. Savings bonds are best suited to saving lump sums of money rather than smaller regular payments. Contact a Virgin Money customer service number to answer all of your fixed rate savings questions.

Limited Access Savings

Limited Access Accounts offer you a better rate of interest where you don’t require access to your money immediately. Unlike fixed term accounts these are fairly flexible and allow you to add to the account over time.

Children’s Accounts

Saving for a child’s future can give them that important headstart in life. It really is never too soon to start saving with the Virgin Young Saver account offering the perfect resource. For questions regarding a children’s account, the Virgin Money Customer Service Number can put you in contact with an advisor.

Additionally Virgin money offer services in the following:

·       Mortgages

·       Business Accounts

·       Credit Cards

·       Insurance

·       Investments

·       Pensions

·       Travel Money

·       Current Account

Call the Virgin Money Customer Service number today on 0844 556 9437  and talk to an advisor.

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