Vanquis Bank provides a sensible way to remain in control of your money. If you’ve been rejected for credit elsewhere, Vanquis can provide a reliable financial service to help you. Vanquis is part of the Provident Financial Group, founded over 130 years ago which focuses on meeting the niche needs of those who the mainstream credit market doesn’t. Contact the Vanquis customer service team on 0844 556 0530, and they will be more than happy to discuss any queries.


Where a long-standing debt exists, credit cards are not advised. If a payment is missed on a credit card where debt persists, achieving a credit rating in the future could be even more so difficult. If you are considering long-term borrowing but are unsure whether your existing financial state is suited to a credit card this can be easily discussed with an advisor.


Through sensible use of your card, you can build a credible credit rating. This can involve ensuring payments are made on time and staying within your credit limits. By acting irresponsibly with money this can result in inflicting damage on your credit rating. By keeping your accounts in order and consistently handling payments you can build a stronger rating and improve your credit history.


You can check whether you are eligible for credit through the Vanquis eligibility checker. If you’re experiencing any difficulties you can phone the Vanquis customer services number today. Checking your eligibility will pose no risk to your rating, so you could find out easily and within the day.


The Visa Vanquis Credit Card allows for a manageable £150-£1000 credit card limit which can be great for credit building. The Vanquis Visa Classic can provide both online and mobile text account management services, allowing for you to manage your account quickly and efficiently. If you are experiencing a bad credit rating, Vanquis are on hand to help rebuild that rating. By phoning the Vanquis customer service number you can discuss your Vanquis Visa Classic options today.

As of yet Vanquis have aided over 3.5 million customers to gain a credible credit rating and soon you could be helped too.


Vanquis aim to provide you with a limit which reflects your financial abilities. By ensuring your payments are made on time and by spending within your limit you can look to increase your credit limit. Although meeting the requested criteria can lead to an increased limit, this is not always feasible. If you’re looking to increase your limit but are unsure whether you qualify, contacting an advisor today can put you in good stead.


To file a complaint regarding a Vanquis service you can phone the customer service team. Where a complaint cannot be resolved by Vanquis it may be passed onto the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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