TSB are a bank which focuses on local banking, ensuring that the money belonging to local communities remains in Britain and not overseas. The bank occupies a unique position in the British banking marketplace with over 200 years of experience and 550 branches nationwide. TSB ‘s pillars of banking have remained consistent since 2013, providing great banking to more people, helping people borrow well and to provide the kind of banking people want and deserve.

No matter your query or issue, there is a TSB number to resolve it. The following topics can be discussed with a TSB customer service advisor by calling 0844 556 0534.


Whether you need to check your account balance or view recent transactions, this can be aided over the phone. An advisor can assist in viewing your full statement or allow you to access your direct debits or standing orders. Additionally, transferring and making payments can be trivial for some customers and daunting. Your money is precious and so it’s vastly important to ensure it is handled with care. If you have questions calling the TSB customer service number could put your transactional worries at ease.

Money is influenced not only by your working life but often personal circumstances also come into play. Whether you are experiencing debts or feeling the strain from a redundancy, the TSB customer service number can put you in contact with the correct member of staff. They can help you through those difficult times that almost everyone needs support through. When you lose someone close to you, often the finances will be the least of your concerns. At TSB there is additional support to make our bereavement process as simple and efficient for you as possible. Just call the customer support line today to chat about your issues today.


Internet banking is a fantastic way to manage and move your money when understood correctly. It’s not unusual; to have questions regarding the use of internet banking and the use of the TSB helpline can vastly help here. Whether you’ve forgotten your user ID or important password information, there is a TSB advisor to help.
Similarly, if you’re yet to sign up to mobile or internet banking you can do so through the customer helpline. Mobile banking offers flexibility in managing your money. With an efficient app, you can use fingerprint technology to access your accounts allowing you to manage payments and view your balance on the go.

Get in touch today via the TSB customer helpline service.


Losing your card can be a terrifying experience. Nobody wishes for their hard-earned cash to be in the hand of a stranger so getting in touch with the bank should be your first port of call. Where a suspected fraud occurs, you can contact the hotline. Where a transaction is disputed or issues with mobile internet banking arise this number can put you in touch with the specific advisor.


To open or close an account this should be carried out in branch, however, any queries can be dealt with over the phone. Additionally to cancel a direct debit or alter overdraft limits you can do so via phone. For existing account queries contact:


Whether you’re moving home or staying put its important to find a deal that’s right for you.
For existing mortgage enquiries, phoning TSB customer support can allow you to check the balance and learn about early repayment charges.


Whether your feedback is good or bad, TSB is happy to receive your opinions. You can make a complaint if you are unhappy with the services and a TSB customer advisor will assist in the issue. Additionally, any disputed transactions can be discussed. If you notice a card payment which appears unfamiliar TSB is on hand to help.

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