Dealing with customer service helplines is never a fun task. Especially when it comes to trying to track down the right customer number for you. Hours can pass when searching the Internet for the customer service number that you need. Find A Number provides a centralised directory for company contact numbers, which helps you to find a phone number in the UK quicker and more direct than ever before.

The way it works is easy. Simply enter the company that you need to contact into the search bar on the Find A Number website and we will provide you with the appropriate contact details. Once you have done this, you can keep a note of the number to have for future reference, or you can even call them directly by clicking on the blue button.

Once you have the number, what do you do next? When we dial a customer services number we often hear, “Let me put you on hold just for a moment”. This is probably one of the biggest white lies that has been said to us over the phone. It is never ‘just for a moment’. Rather, we are stuck on hold for what seems like an eternity. Most customer service numbers are different with different instructions for navigating their customer service helplines. Here at Find A Number we have come up with three top tips that can help you reach customer services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

1) Don’t email, just call!

Although emailing may seem like a more convenient option, it is definitely the less direct option. If you have an issue that needs resolving quickly, then emailing is not the way to go. When emailing a company’s customer services, you could be waiting days on end for a reply. And to be honest, most of the time the company replies with a phone number for you to call. To save you time, Find A Number recommends using our centralised directory of company contact numbers.

2) Get the best number!

Finding a company’s customer services number can often be a difficult task. By using the company contact number directory at Find A Number, you can find the contact number for customer services quicker than searching for it online.

3) Beat the queues!

Whilst this may not always be possible with hectic work schedules, we recommend that you call a company’s customer services during ‘off-peak’ times. By calling during the week, you can save a significant amount of time instead of waiting for hours in a lengthy queue. Because who wants to listen to hold music on repeat? At Find A Number, we suggest calling post-lunchtime, so as to avoid the mad morning rush.

With Find A Number you never have to spend hours searching for a contact number again. And with these top tips, you will hopefully be able to get in contact with customer services even quicker. Feel free to bookmark the Find A Number page so that finding the right customer service in the future is just a click away.