As much as we would like to be in control of everything in our lives, this is not always possible. Controlling our finances can be particularly unpredictable and difficult. Thinkmoney offer financial services to help you manage your money by calling Think Money customer service number on 0844 8585061. With a variety of products available, thinkmoney has helped many customers over the years to get on top of their finances.


The Managed Current Account allows customers to stay in control of their cash whilst also improving their credit rating. You can keep track of your day-to-day spending while thinkmoney set aside enough money for to pay your bills. This means that you know exactly what you can spend and helps to plan for the future. The Money Manager feature helps you to budget for each month and can also answer any questions you may have.  Furthermore, thinkmoney offer the Current Account Switch Service, which makes the process of transferring from your old bank account to the new Managed Current Account with thinkmoney easier.


If you are looking for a straightforward credit card with a feasible credit limit, then thinkmoney has the answer for you. The thinkmoney credit card offers one interest rate for all transactions and can even help to rebuild your credit rating. Before obtaining the thinkmoney credit card, you can use the QuickCheck feature on the thinkmoney website, which allows you to see if you are eligible for the card. QuickCheck will not have an impact on your credit score.


With your Managed Current Account, you can have access to several loans that are available at thinkmoney. Thinkmoney takes every application into consideration, regardless of their credit rating scores, offering you a loan that is manageable for your current financial situation. Customers can borrow up to £1,500 and can choose to make their repayments over a time period that suits them (normally between six to twelve months).


Thinkmoney not only helps customers to get their finances under control but also to help them prepare for any unforeseen events that may take place in their life. With the various insurance services available, thinkmoney can help to take care of you, your family and your home. Insurance services that are available include life insurance, home insurance as well as car insurance.

The customer services team at thinkmoney are at your service if you have any questions regarding the services that they offer or if you simply just want more information. If you experience any issues with the thinkmoney services, the customer service team will try and resolve it as quickly as possible. To get in contact with customer services, simply contact Think Money Customer Service number on 0844 8585061.

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