Alongside the various services at Tesco, Tesco Mobile is also available. Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual operator in the UK, which offers both pay monthly and pay as you go services for its customers. Whatever customer you may be, the Tesco mobile customer services team are happy to help if you have any problems. Please call on 08448 113 499 for more information.

Getting started

It is now easier than ever to order your new mobile phone. Customers can now purchase their new phone online and use the ‘Click and Collect’ service at Tesco. If you would like to find your nearest Click and Collect store, you can speak to Tesco’s customer services. Additionally, you can call customer services to let them know if you are unable to collect your new mobile phone on time or to rearrange your collection date.

Phone repairs

If you are having a problem with your device, you can contact customer services who can help. There are device guides on the Tesco Mobile website, however, if you are unable to resolve the issue you can book an appointment for a repair via the customer service team at Tesco by giving them a call on the number provided above. Is your phone broken? Don’t worry, your device may still be within its warranty. To check whether your device is still within its warranty, get in touch with customer services who will be able to advise you.

Manage your account

Don’t understand your latest bill? The customer services team can take you through it so that it is clear to you. If you are struggling to pay your bills, Tesco’s customer services are very understanding. By giving them a call, a customer services advisor can advise the best way for you to pay going forward. Additionally, to update your personal details for your current Tesco mobile plan, you can contact Tesco’s customer services.

Roaming & International

Before going abroad, Tesco Mobile recommends that you check the international call charges and roaming costs. To do this, you can contact customer services to find out more. At Tesco Mobile, you can put a £40 data cap to most devices so that your device isn’t charged with a scary bill. If this happens you can call Tesco Mobile’s customer services and once you’ve made a payment you can use your phone again. If you are happy to spend more than £40 on data whilst you are abroad, then you can increase your cap before you set off.


Think its time for an upgrade? You can see if you are due for an upgrade by calling the customer services team. By doing so, you can also find out what devices are available for your upgrade. If you have any other general enquiries about Tesco Mobile’s services, you can get in contact with the customer services team who will try to answer your questions as best as they can.

Alternatively, if you would like to call another telecom company, please feel free to search the handy Find A Number online telecom directory.