Talk Talk is the UK’s leading value for money consumer and Business to Business telecoms provider. The company have an overall mission statement to deliver affordable, reliable, simple and fair services.  With over 4 million customers, 3,000 exchanges and 35,000 ethernet connections it’s easy to see that Talk Talk is succeeding in the industry. With fixed price plans, uncapped broadband usage and bespoke security aspects the Talk Talk service is of a high standard for its users. Find out more by calling Talk Talk customer services on 08448 113 494.


Talk Talk Mobile has 99% network coverage of the UK population. With no upfront costs, the network is even more so appealing. The company have decided to simplify their services in order to reduce costs. With coverage from 02 Talk Talk customers can now enjoy faster 4G coverage. This is all moving towards Talk Talk providing the highest quality possible. Additionally, they provide perks and prizes through 02 priority with access to over 15,000 hotspots. Alterations to the Talk Talk mobile services could cause distress to some consumers. To discuss these changes or if you have any questions you can contact Talk Talk via the phone number listed above.


In 2004, Talk Talk introduced a new initiative. This allowed for free calls to be made between all Talk Talk home users. Enabling communication in this way is an aspect that Talk Talk are particularly proud of.  To discuss contract types and current plans you can call Talk Talk to be put in touch with a customer service provider. The Talk Talk customer service number is open 24/7 for your customer enquiries.


Talk Talk TV allows customers to select the package which suits them best.  The new TV store aspect allows for the lowest cost access to British movies and TV shows.  Talk Talk TV includes the option to add and remove tv channels with options to catch up on demand, pause and rewind live TV. You really do have TV at the flick of a button with endless options of films to rent and own. To request information on the TV packages available from Sky contact the Talk Talk Customer service number.


Ultra fibre Optic broadband allows Talk Talk to provide the fastest broadband speeds cost efficiently. For more information on the Talk Talk customer number, call the customer service number today.

Talk Talk Business

Talk Talk is one of the UK’s fastest growing business to business telecom providers with a broad offering of business-grade communications, products and services. With other 600 business service specialists, UK wide Talk Talk is more than capable of delivering value to customers.

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