The Standard Chartered Bank provides banking services that help individuals and companies across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The services help people and businesses to succeed, by creating wealth and growth across several markets. With many branches across Europe and America as well, the Standard Chartered Bank take great care in providing excellent customer services. You can call Standard Chartered Bank customer services on 0844 556 9419.

Personal Banking

The Standard Chartered Bank offers comprehensive personal banking solutions to individuals. These personal banking accounts are designed to help you save, spend and get rewarded for being a Standard Chartered Bank customer. To find out more about the full range of personal banking services available, get in contact with the customer services team.

Priority Banking

From being a priority banking customer, you receive a dedicated relationship manager and are also supported by Standard Chartered Bank’s 24-hour Priority Contact Centre. You will also have access to Standard Chartered Bank’s networks. If you are interested in becoming a priority banking customer, then you can have a chat with one of the customer services advisors who can advise you how to do so.

Private banking

Private banking services at the Standard Chartered Bank are designed to help individuals with a high net worth on their journey to success by providing bespoke wealth management for their unique financial needs. The team of advisors and specialists at Standard Chartered Bank will help to protect and grow your wealth. Think that the private banking service would be beneficial to you and your business? You can call the customer services number at Standard Chartered Bank to find out more and the team will be able to provide advice and guidance towards your next steps.


Whatever your situation, the Standard Chartered Bank provides personal loans that give your financial flexibility without the hassle of guarantors or collaterals. Certain requirements need to be met before you can receive a loan. To find out more about these requirements or any other loan services you can speak to Standard Chartered Bank’s customer services.


The Standard Chartered Bank’s mortgages also allow customers to get their dream home. With every mortgage, the Standard Chartered Bank’s also offers exclusive discounts on home fittings. You can learn more about these discounts and mortgage services by calling the customer services number.

As the Standard Chartered Bank operates all across the globe, it can be difficult to find the right number for your country. At Find A Number, you can find the appropriate number easily.

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