Most well known for their broad range of television and broadband Internet services, Sky is one of the largest pay-tv broadcasters in the UK with million of UK customers. Operating across the UK and 4 other countries, Sky is the industry leader in innovation and products, delivering world-class content to its customers. The vast array of services and products that Sky offer include some of the following:

·       Digital TV

·       Video on demand

·       Game consoles

·       Sky broadband

·       Sky Digibox

·       Sky+ // Sky+ HD

·       Sky 3D

·       Sky Q

With Sky’s products comes an excellent customer service. The customer service number at Sky can be reached on 08448 113 413, and are highly trained to deal with numerous queries or issues that customers may have for the services and products that Sky provide.


Did you know you can manage your Sky bill online? This can save you time, allowing you to check your bills quickly and make payments easily online. However, sometimes it is easier just to speak to someone who can talk you through your most recent bills and offer any help. Sky customer services allow you to check your current Sky balance and make payments. You can also change any account details easily by talking to one of the Sky customer services team.


Sky Talk provides its customers with monthly mobile packages. To join or upgrade your Sky Talk packages, you can get in contact with a Sky Talk representative through the customer service number. Additionally, if you are experiencing any issues with the Sky Talk services, customer services will be able to fix your Sky Talk problem as soon as possible.


Thinking of moving home but you don’t want to leave your Sky broadband and TV services behind? Have a chat with the Sky customer services team who will be able to help you transfer your current Sky services to your new home with ease.


As we all know, it is very easy to forget your username and password for various different accounts you may have. Sky customer services can provide you with a username reminder or help you to reset your password so that you can continue to access your Sky services. With Sky ID, you can also access an overview of all of your Sky services and account. For other Sky ID queries or any other general questions regarding your Sky services or account, Sky customer services can be of assistance.

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