Sainsbury’s Bank provides a wide range of financial products whilst offering very attractive rewards to its customers. With these financial products, Sainsburys Bank offers exceptional customer services to provide their customers with any support they may need. You can call Sainsbury’s customer service on 0844 556 9965 .


Sainsbury’s bank offers a variety of loans to its customers. If you are an existing customer and already have a loan with Sainsbury’s bank, you can find out your current balance or top up your loan by getting in contact with Sainsbury’s customer services. Additionally, you can find out if it is possible to repay your loan early or to make extra payments by speaking to one of the customer services advisors. Furthermore, if you are having financial difficulties and are struggling to make your loan repayments, the customer services team can help you.

Credit Cards

Customers can also obtain a credit card from Sainsbury’s bank. To manage your credit card you can get in contact with the customer services team. Whether you would like to make a payment or if you need to update your details, the customer services team at Sainsbury’s bank are here to help. If you fall behind with your credit card payments, Sainsbury’s bank wants to help. Simply alert the customer services team and they will help as best as they can.


Various insurance services are also available through Sainsbury’s bank, including the following services:

• Car insurance
• Home insurance
• Travel insurance
• Pet insurance
• Life insurance

To make any insurance claims, you can talk to the customer services team at Sainsbury’s bank who will be able to assist you. Or if you would like to check your cover or changing policies then simply give Sainsbury’s bank customer services a call.

Travel Money

Sainsbury’s bank provides many useful services for customers who are going away on holiday. Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Money offers better exchange rates for cardholders and up to 30% of Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance. Customers can order cash over the phone by calling the customer service number. For any other questions about Travel Money, you can speak to someone via the customer service number.

So whether you want to make an insurance claim or take out a new loan, the customer services team at Sainsbury’s bank is at your disposal. If you have any other general queries or issues then you can contact Sainsbury’s bank customer services who will direct you to the right department where your issue will be resolved promptly.

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