By contacting PayPal customer service on 0844 556 9441  you can reach their customer services team. PayPal is a payment enabling system which allows users to safely buy and receive money.


Getting started with PayPal is straightforward and simple, however, some issues may arise. Whether you wish to get your account ready to use, learn how to withdraw money or learn to shop safely a customer service advisor is only a call away.


If you’re struggling to set up an account or can’t add a credit card call the hotline today. Only certain credit and debit cards can work on PayPal so phone to check your card is compatible for use. When confirming your card a small charge is made to clarify its usability, if you have any questions regarding this small charge you can contact a customer service advisor.


If you are experiencing issues with your PayPal account and can’t confirm details, a phone call to an advisor can offer first-hand advice. Whether you are experiencing issues with passwords, payment information or adding users there is always a solution.


Before opening an account, you may wish for further information or peace of mind. The customer service advisors at PayPal are always available to offer advice. Changing accounts to other countries may seem challenging but can easily be implemented with the help of an advisor.


To reset or change passwords this can generally be carried out online. If problems persist you may need to contact an advisor. Passwords are significantly important in the handling of your money and advisors will ensure this information is kept private and confidential.


If for some reason you wish to close your PayPal account, calling a customer advisor will make the process simple and straightforward.  No matter the reason for the closure, our team is respectful of your needs and can be accessed easily from the contact number.


Where a payment dispute persists, you may need to provide additional information or evidence to help resolve a claim. The customer service advisors at PayPal are more than happy to help with such events. Where help is required in proof of payment, holiday cancellations and other misfortunate events a customer advisor is always at bay.

To get in touch today, contact PayPal on 0844 556 9441  for all of your customer needs.

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