Nationwide is the largest banking society in the world, offering many different types of services to its customers worldwide. With over 15 million members, Nationwide take great pride in their customer services, always putting their member’s bests interests first. Members of the Nationwide banking community can contact their customer services online. However, often it is easier to speak to a customer services advisor over the phone on 0844 858 5045 to resolve any issues promptly.


You can get in contact with Nationwide’s customer services to speak to an advisor if you have lost your credit or debit card or if you have had it stolen. By speaking to the customer services team at Nationwide, your worries can be put at ease and advice can be provided on what to do next.


Nationwide regularly check for fraudulent or unusual activity with your bank account. Prior to going abroad, it is advised that you alert Nationwide regarding your destination and the dates that you will be away so that they know to expect activity abroad. You can do this by getting in touch with the customer services team, who can also provide some tips when using your card abroad to help you keep your money safe. If your card stops working abroad, simply give Nationwide customer services a call and they will have your card up and running again in no time.


You can also contact Nationwide customer services to manage your personal current account. By calling the customer services number you can check your bank balance, find out the overdraft limits on your account or enquire about interest rates that apply to your current account. If you are not yet a member of Nationwide and you wish to open a current account, you can call customer services who will be able to set it up for you.


To find out more about the loans that are available at Nationwide, you can get in contact by calling the customer services number to get information regarding the interest rates that are applied to each loan. If you are having difficulties making your loan repayments or if you would like to borrow more money, then you can also get in touch with this number where the customer services team will be able to direct you to the correct department to deal with your enquiry.


Life doesn’t always go according to plan. This can cause severe stress, especially when it comes to money. Nationwide has a customer services helpline that can provide advice on how to manage your money or deal with any financial worries that you may have. Whether it’s a future payment you are worried about, or if you have missed loan or mortgage payment, Nationwide’s customer services are here to help so that you don’t need to worry.

For any other general enquiries that you may have, simply get in touch with Nationwide by giving the customer services team a call, who will be able to help as best as they possibly can.

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