HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) is a government body responsible for the collection of tax and customs in the UK. HMRC ensure that the appropriate amount of tax is collected, including income and corporation tax, which is then effectively distributed and used for public services and also to provide financial support for families and individuals who need financial support, including child benefits. Due to the complex matter of HMRC’s responsibilities, there is often a high volume of enquiries regarding their services. The HMRC customer service phone number on 0844 556 9432  deals with any issues or queries related to the latest HMRC policies or services.


Income tax is a tax that is paid on various forms of income that you may receive. It is not necessary to pay tax on all types of income. It is more common to pay tax on incomes such as salaries, pensions, rental incomes and income from a trust. Paying tax is not necessary for certain things such as some state benefits, interest on savings or National Lottery wins. For general income tax enquiries, get in touch with the HMRC customer services team. There is also a dedicated income tax helpline which customer services can direct you to.


HMRC provide a self-assessment system, which is used to collect income tax. It allows you to view your current tax situation in regards to tax calculation and payments. The self-assessment helpline is used by people to make general enquiries about their self-assessments.


A child benefit is a payment made by the government to the parents of a child up to the age of 16. This payment is used to make contributions towards the child’s clothes, food, and other necessities. Additionally, you may be able to claim child benefits if you are looking after someone else’s child. You can claim child benefits from the HMRC by filling out the form or by getting in contact with HMRC customer services.


To file a complaint about a service provided by HMRC, you can fill in the online individual or business complaint form via the HMRC website. Or you can get directly in contact with HMRC by giving them a call. Customer services will be able to direct your call to the appropriate department to deal with the complaint and resolve the matter promptly. For information on the other issues that HMRC deal with, get in touch with the customer services team.

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