Esure insurance company was founded in 2000 by the entrepreneurial businessman Peter Wood. Esure offer motor insurance, home insurance and travel insurance focusing on customers of low risk who can benefit from lower prices. To speak to Esure customer services, call 0844 8585051.

Car Insurance

With over 37.3 million cars on the British roads, protecting your car is incredibly important. With a large number of accidents occurring year by year, protecting your car is vital and could save you money in the case of an incident. By choosing Esure Car Insurance you can benefit from legal liability which includes unlimited cover in the case of death or inflicted injury on another person. With certain policies, Esure can provide the ability for multiple car usage for the policyholder. This allows you the flexibility to drive other cars whenever required. If your car requires or is receiving repairs you can also benefit from a courtesy car which can allow you to continue with everyday life. For any concerns or questions regarding the benefits of Esure car insurance, you can call the Esure contact number provided.

With many cars now featuring in-built technology such as TVs and sound systems, the Esure insurance now covers any loss or damage to your fitted electronics. In addition to windscreen cover, you won’t need to worry about possible break-ins again.

Home Insurance

With other 300,000 people using Esure home insurance it’s easy to see that consumers hold trust in Esure insurance services. With 24/7 access to emergency landlines and insurance which offers so much more than a commodity, you’d be silly not to consider Esure as your provider.

Esure building insurance offers premium protection for your home. Where damage is inflicted on your home you can receive cover for the damage to locks and keys in addition to alternative accommodation whilst the premises are restored. What’s more, you could add accidental damage cover at an n credibly small fee to protect you from unexpected issues.

Your family are incredibly important to you and at Esure they like to offer legal protection at no extra cost. Free for the first twelve months you can receive family legal protection in the case of property damage with access to specialist lawyers.

Personal Possessions Cover

Your belongings aren’t always in the home and sometimes these items are susceptible to breakages and damage. Why not protect your laptop or phone with personal possessions cover and enjoy peace of mind that your items are safe. To enquire about personal possessions cover, call the Esure contact number on 0844 8585051.

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