The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is an organisation run by the UK government, which maintains the registration and license of millions of drivers and vehicles across the United Kingdom. The DVLA ensures that drivers of all types of vehicles are kept safe on British roads. The DVLA is responsible for a number of customer services that are provided to the population of the UK, which can be accessed through the DVLA contact number on 0844 5569426.


It is possible to apply for a first provisional driving license through the DVLA. Following this, one can then start their driving lessons and eventually sit their theory and driving test with the DVLA, where they can then obtain their full UK drivers license. Changes to driving and theory test appointments or cancellations can be made by contacting customer services. Additionally, it is possible to renew a driver’s license with the DVLA by speaking to one of the customer service advisors.


Once a car or vehicle has been purchased, altered or imported, it is necessary to register it with the DVLA. This can be done by contacting the customer services team at DVLA who assist you with filling out the necessary forms. Any problems with your application can be dealt with by speaking to a customer services advisor. Furthermore, you can check if your vehicle is up-to-date with vehicle tax by calling DVLA customer services who will be able to update your records for you.


The DVLA provides private (personalised) number plates for vehicles. Several related services are also available such as the removal of a private number plate from a vehicle, selling a private number plate as well as transferring a private number plate to another vehicle. You can get in contact with the DVLA through the customer service number to ensure that all relevant registration and tax details are kept up-to-date.


The DVLA customer services team are able to tell you if certain medical conditions will affect your ability to drive. You can check if a medical/health condition could potentially affect your driving by speaking to one of the customer services team. It is of utmost importance that you alert the DVLA as soon as possible about any medical conditions that you may have. If you are not sure, you can contact the DVLA who will be able to advise you.

The DVLA aims to continue providing easy and secure services to ensure the safety of all registered vehicle drivers. The customer service team at DVLA hold an excellent performance rate and are more than willing to help driver.

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