Direct Line is currently the UK’s leading direct car insurance company. Providing more than 13,000 car insurance quotes daily, Direct Line now has over 10 million customers using its broad range of insurance products and services. Direct Line insurance customers who have any questions or problems regarding their products and services can get in touch with Direct Line’s customer services by calling the contact number on 0844 8585044.

Car Insurance

There are a number of different car insurance services available at Direct Line. Customers can choose from Multi Car Insurance, Black Box Insurance and Premier Car Insurance amongst many other extra features. If you are an existing customer of Direct Line car insurance and you would like to renew your policy or cancel your car insurance, you can do so calling the Direct Line contact number to speak to a customer service advisor.

Additionally, you can call the Direct Line contact number to obtain advice on how to make a claim if you have recently been in an accident or have experienced a breakdown. If your car is in a garage getting repaired, you can check whether it is possible to add on cover for a hire car under your current insurance by getting in touch with the Direct Line customer service team who will be able to advise you.

Home Insurance

Having home insurance provides peace of mind knowing that you will be covered in the unfortunate event of damage or theft. Direct Line’s home insurance covers both buildings insurance to cover against damage to your home as well as contents insurance to cover for damaged or stolen items. If you have recently experienced damage or theft in your home and you are unsure if your claim will be covered by your policy, you can call the Direct Line contact number to find out.

Alternatively, if you are thinking about moving home and are unsure whether you should get a new policy or change your current home insurance policy, you can speak to one of the Direct Line’s customer service advisors you can tell you about your options for home insurance.

Pet Insurance

Make sure that your pet is covered with Direct Line’s pet insurance. With Customisable Cover, you can choose the insurance that is most suitable for you and your pet. If your pet falls ill, you can contact the Direct Line contact number to be directed to the 24/7 helpline from a UK qualified vet who can help you. If you need to make a claim on veterinary bills, you can also call Direct Line’s customer services who will be able to do it for you.

For any other general enquiries, the customer services team at Direct Line are more than happy to help. Simply call the contact number provided and have a chat with a customer services advisor.

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