Clydesdale Bank was established in 1838 in the city of Glasgow. The bank has a proud history which supports Scottish industry and communities.

Although the Clydesdale Bank is local, they have a largely international presence which spans corporate and executive profiles. With 67 branches, and a network of business and private bank centres, Clydesdale is one of Scotland’s largest banks.

The Clydesdale Bank deals with hundreds of calls daily, with mid-day being the busiest call time. The following topics can be discussed with Clydesdale Bank Customer Service team on 0844 556 0531.


If you suspect your card to be stolen or you find your card lost, you can report it to a Clydesdale Customer Service advisor. By letting the Clydesdale Bank know as soon as your card or chequebook has been stolen they can take action immediately. Where suspected fraud occurs, you should report this immediately too. By checking your bank statement for suspicious transactions, you can monitor whether fraudulent activity is occurring.


Internet banking provides a quick and efficient method to manage your money. With the introduction of mobile app banking, the ability is offered to use your own device to organise your finances. Internet banking can be daunting for some customers, but your personal information is always secure. If you have concerns regarding the use of internet banking a quick call to the Clydesdale Bank customer service number could quickly resolve any queries.


A contactless card offers the flexibility to make everyday payments quickly and easily without the need for a pin. If you have any queries regarding contactless cards and how they work a quick call with a customer advisor could easily put your worries or concerns to rest. Contactless cards have a limit of £30 in the UK though these can vary from country to country. You should always ensure your card is removed from your purse when making a payment to ensure the correct card is debited. For any queries on receiving your own contactless card or for assistance with your existing account, you can call a Clydesdale advisor.


Do you have questions about getting a personal loan from the Clydesdale Bank? With a personal loan from the Clydesdale bank, you can make that dream a reality. Whether it’s that financial boost to help extend your home or go on that well-deserved holiday you can borrow money and repay over time. With a personal loan not only do you receive a decision quickly, but you also have the option to repay your loan earlier.


Your mortgage is an agreement with a bank or building society which allows for money to be lent in exchange for taking the title of the debtor’s property. Once the payment is made the title becomes void and the property is owned by the debtor. In this sense, the loan is secured against the value of your property. Very few people will buy a home outright and so a mortgage can be a great solution to home buying.

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