As one of the world’s leading communication providers, BT supplies TV and broadband packages to many homes and commercial spaces across the UK and internationally. BT has an excellent customer service team, which can be contacted on 0844 556 9447  for any enquiries that customers may have.


Whether you are installing the broadband yourself or you have an engineer to help, BT customer services provide support and guidance for any issues that may occur during the initial set up. If there are any faults with the service or if any problems occur following the installation, then you can call this number and the customer service team will advise you on how to fix it.


To manage your BT account you can contact BT customer services, who also provide billing support. By doing so, you are can pay your BT bills, obtain your current balance, and set up or manage any direct debit payments to BT. If you want to make any changes to your current packages or to cancel your current plan, then you can also contact BT customer services who will be able to advise you on how best to do so.


If you are experiencing some issues with BT’s services, then you can contact this number to get in touch with a member of staff who will be able to help you. Whether it’s for BT broadband, mobile, or TV, the customer service number will be able to direct you to the right department to fix the problem.


It is possible to make a complaint by contacting the BT customer service team. By doing so, you can get a more direct response as the customer service helpline will refer you to a specific department, who will try and resolve the issue for you.

BT takes great pride in their customer services. Customer service performance statistics are provided on the BT website, which allows customers to see performance levels and for BT to see the areas that they need to work on. For any other general enquiries or to provide feedback about BT customer services, then please contact the BT customer service number.

Alternately, if you would rather contact a different telecom company, please visit the Find A Number telecom directory page.