Barclays is a British multinational investment bank and financial services company. It is one of the leaders in the industry, providing its services across the nation. At the core of Barclays is their commitment to their customers. Providing exceptional customer services, Barclays take great care of their customers, ensuring that all of their needs are catered for. Contact Barclays customer services on 0844 858 5049.


Barclays is committed to meeting the needs of all of its customers. Barclays are constantly making changes to ensure that they help people who have disabilities and provide extensive staff training to help people with different needs. Customers can receive their bank statements and correspondence in braille, along with many other services. To find out more about how Barclays can help, get in touch by calling the customer services number.


For help with your Barclaycard, you can contact customer service where you can get advice about checking interest rates that are related to your own credit card. Additionally, you can use customer services to obtain information on the wide range of rewards, benefits and offers that are available from being a Barclaycard customer.


Thinking of moving abroad? Barclays Wealth International can assist with the planning of your personal finances and help you to make the most out of living abroad. It is very easy to get in touch wherever you may be. With improved security including voice recognition, international telephone banking has never been safer, helping you to protect your money from fraud. If you notice any unusual activity or suspicious transactions, contact customer services, who will be able to help quickly and efficiently.


By contacting customer services, you can open up a savings account with Barclays. You can also obtain information about how often you can withdraw money from your savings account, along with the interest rates that apply to your account. Additionally, you can enquire about your annual Cash ISA allowance if you are unsure about what you are entitled to.


There are a number of insurance services available at Barclays, including home, mobile, travel, business, car, life, health, PPI, critical illness, income protection and personal accident insurance services. By calling customer services, the team can put you through to the correct department where your queries will be resolved.

To locate your nearest branch, you can get in touch with customer services. Also, by speaking to one of the customer services team you can have any of your general enquiries or issues resolved promptly.

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