At Bank of Scotland whether you’re in search of a bank account, credit card, loan or mortgage they are happy to help.

Calling a member of the team on 0844 556 0533 can allow you to discuss your account or find out more about the banks’ range of services.


Where your card is lost or stolen, reporting it via a Bank of Scotland customer service number can ensure the correct precautions and actions are in place. You can easily report your card stolen and quickly order a replacement over the phone to put your mind at rest. You should regularly make sure to check your statements for any unusual activity. Where transactions appear which you don’t recognise these can often be fraudulent and should be reported as quickly as possible.


When making a residential move you must remember to update your details. You can easily update your address details by calling the Bank of Scotland customer service number today. Just have your banking details at hand and an advisor can process the change with ease.


Internet banking offers a host of benefits to really manage your money from the palm of your hand. At Bank of Scotland, they understand that technology can be complicated for some and temperamental for others and so a customer advisor is only a call away. An advisor can assist with managing your online account and setting up paper free banking. To see how mobile banking could reduce your carbon footprint and reduce paper, call an advisor to seek the benefits. Direct Debits can be managed from your phone to ensure payments are made on time and that sufficient funds are in the account prior to the transaction.

Your online security is imperative, and the customer service team are always on hand to ensure the privacy of your account. If you have worries regarding the safety of your online account, contacting an advisor today could ensure your online banking remains happily in your control.

Additionally, you can use the internet banking service to view mortgage payments and set dates for repayment to your bank.


If you are concerned about the manner your PPI was sold to you, you can contact the Bank of Scotland directly rather than using a claims management company. These companies will usually charge an upfront fee or take a cut of the compensation which you’re due. By going directly to Bank of Scotland your claim will be managed just as a claims management company would and so there are no disadvantages. Your complaint will be dealt with as efficiently as possible to ensure you can receive the desired payment as soon as possible.

Additionally, information on the following topics can be discussed through an advisor:

• Bank Accounts
• Savings
• Credit Cards
• Mortgages
• Personal Loans
• Car Finance
• Insurance

• Investments
• Share Dealing
• Travel Money
• Online Helpdesk
• Bereavement Help and Advise
• Replacement Cards and Pins

Alternatively, if you need to find the number for any other bank, you can find a list of all bank customer service numbers on our bank page.