Providing over 31 million customers across the globe with insurance services, Aviva is the UK’s largest insurance providers and one of the leading providers in Europe for life and general insurance. Aviva are committed to serving their customers with the best services. Customers can rely on Aviva’s customer services to help them with any issues they may by calling the Aviva on 08448 113 422.

Car Insurance

Aviva provides two types of car insurance; comprehensive or third party, which covers many aspects such as loss or damage to your vehicle, legal costs and an individual no claim discount. If you are a current policyholder of Aviva’s car insurance and would to enquire about your policy details such as the expiry date of your cover, then you can call the Aviva contact number provided above. Additionally, if you are having difficulties making the monthly payments and would like to change your policy to fit your budget, you can speak to one of Aviva’s customer services advisors who will be able to advise you.

Home Insurance

Aviva’s home insurance protects your home inside and out. With building insurance and contents insurance, you can be assured that your home is fully protected. As some buildings can be exempt from Aviva’s Home Insurance policies, it is advised that you call Aviva’s customer services team to find out whether your home can be covered. You can also make adjustments to your home insurance if you would like to save money, for example removing certain aspects such as accidental damage. To do this, you can speak to one of Aviva’s advisors by calling the Aviva contact number.

Life Insurance

Aviva’s Life insurance helps to protect your family’s finances should anything happen in the future. With a flexible length of cover, customers can choose how long they want their cover to last. There are various life insurance policies available from child to over 50s. To find out what life insurance packages are available and what would be best suited to you, you can have a chat with one of Aviva’s customer services advisors who will provide you with recommendations and advice.

Travel Insurance

For any upcoming trips you may have, Aviva provides travel insurance. You can choose from single and multi-trip insurance to ensure that you are covered whilst you are abroad. Whether your money has been stolen, you require urgent medical care or you have missed your connecting flight, the customer services team at Aviva will be able to help when you call them on the contact number provided above.

For any other general enquiries about Aviva’s insurance services, you can call the customer services team at Aviva (08448 113 422)  who are more than happy to help.

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