Amigo Loans offers a variety of different guarantor loans to its customers who have poor credit ratings. With Amigo Loans, customers are able to quickly and efficiently build up their credit rating scores. They offer fast payouts for their customers and were awarded the Best Credit Builder of 2018. Customers can get directly in contact with the company by contacting the Amigo Loans customer service number on 0844 8585060 to solve any queries they may have or to find out more information about the services that Amigo Loans provide.


At Amigo Loans, we do not take into consideration your credit rating history. All we need from you is a guarantor who you know and trust in order to give you the loan. The guarantor does not need to be a homeowner, just someone who is able to make the repayments on your behalf if you are unable to. Once you and your guarantor have been accepted, Amigo Loans will provide you with a realistic and manageable loan. At Amigo Loans there are a number of different services available to help get customer’s back on their feet.


Sometimes things are outwith our control, which can often lead to a poor credit rating. This can make it more difficult for people to borrow money in times of need further down the line. Credit providers may refuse any loan application you have done based on your poor credit history, which can cause even more damage to your already poor credit score. Amigo Loans offers guarantor loans to people with a poor credit rating. It allows customers who have a bad credit score to borrow money easily in order to improve their credit ratings.


Trying to keep on top of numerous costs can be challenging and can often lead to debt. If you miss one payment, you can quickly find yourself in a downhill spiral into debt. Amigo Loans allows customers to get their debts under control by helping to settle any existing debts they may have. All separate payments and debts that a customer may have are combined into one payment to create a more manageable loan, which is paid on a monthly basis.


Having a bad credit score can make obtaining the finance needed for a new car rather difficult. Car finance providers may be reluctant to lend you any money based on your credit rating. A poor credit rating may be beyond your control due to various reasons, making the process of getting a car even more frustrating. Amigo Loans offers guarantor loans to customers with bad credit rating loans to help them attain a car on finance.


Being self-employed provides you with flexibility and rewarding results. However, getting the money needed to get started can be challenging.  Lenders can be reluctant to give you any loan because you have no solid means of income. But you need the money to start earning money. An endless cycle. Amigo Loans offers guarantor loans to self-employed people, regardless of their credit rating scores, allowing your business to get up and running as soon as possible.

If you have a poor credit rating and are needing a bit of support in any of your endeavours, Amigo Loans are here to help. The customer service team at Amigo Loans are dedicated to helping their customers as much as possible. To find out more about Amigo Loans services or to answer any of your questions, contact the Amigo Loans customer service number today on 0844 8585060.

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