02 is the second largest telecommunications services providers in the UK. As one of the leading digital communications companies in the UK with over 25 million customers, 02 delivers 2G, 3G, 4G and Wifi networks throughout the country. 02 prides itself on having the highest customer satisfaction rate in comparison to all other mobile network providers. This is due to their highly experienced and knowledgeable customer services that they provide. Customers can easily get in contact with 02 customer services on 0844 556 9448  to find out more about what they can offer.


The 02 Pay Monthly service provides customers with different payment options with 02 phones. From as little as £17 a month, customers can obtain the latest devices whilst spreading the cost over monthly payments, offering an extremely affordable alternative to paying large costs upfront. For any issues regarding the 02 Pay Monthly service or any other queries, the 02 customer service team will be able to assist you. Additionally, if you want to explore your pay monthly options, customer services can provide you with more information on different 02 packages.


Not a regular mobile user? The 02 Pay As You Go service allows customers to top up when they want and to pay only for what they use. 02 customer services can help you to keep an eye on your balance and assist you with topping up for more data, texts and call time.


Staying connected with your friends and family whilst on your travels is important. With 02, your allowances and charges will be the exact same as they are in the UK within selected destinations in Europe. You can continue to top up your phone abroad with your credit or debit card or check your current balance by getting in touch with 02 customer services. To find out which European destinations the same charges apply or any further information about using your device abroad, customer services will be able to advise you.


02 always want to make sure that everyone can enjoy their services. There are a number of measures in place to ensure that there is help for anyone with special requirements. For example, a copy of a mobile phone bill can be made available in Braille, large print or audio format. Additionally, mobile guides are available to make sure that you pick the right mobile for your needs. The support team are extremely helpful and are committed to providing as much help as possible to all customers. If you have any other questions about accessibility or any other general questions about the services that 02 provide, get in touch with a member of the customer services team.

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